Home Remedies For Dyshidrosis Blisters

Dyshidrosis blisters are not only awful to look at, they’re very uncomfortable to have around too. They leave you with itchy hands and feet which may be painful at times. Even though scratching these blisters cause them to pop and leak the fluid that they have, they’re not going to away that easily. The popped blisters will just “reseal” themselves, refill with clear fluid, and linger on your skin. Once these blisters “heal” themselves, you will again have itchy hands and feet and the cycle goes on.

Fortunately, there are many home remedies that can get rid of these blisters for good. These home remedies effectively dry up these blisters within hours or days. By drying them up, you don’t allow them time to heal themselves. Thus, the blistering stage of your dyshidrosis and your outbreak is going to end much sooner than you think.

One really good home remedy for blistering hands and feet would be to prick them open with a needle and washing the affected areas with rubbing alcohol soon after pricking. If you feel pain, that’s good! Feeling pain means that the rubbing alcohol got through the popped blisters. Within just hours after using this home remedy, say goodbye to your blisters because they should have dried up by then. By the next day, you may still have itchy hands and feet but it’s because your skin will already be peeling. So if you want a quick home remedy for your dyshidrosis blisters, use rubbing alcohol.

Another home remedy would be to soak the affected areas in a salt solution of water and salt, or just white vinegar. You can use these two home remedies twice to three times a day for the next couple of days or until the blisters dry up. These home remedies only become painful if you have cuts, wounds, or open blisters. Otherwise, you’re not going to feel anything.

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