Dyshidrosis Symptoms: Blisters And Peeling On Hands

Got blisters on your hands? Do your hands go through a continuous cycle of having blisters, peeling, and another cycle of blistering? Chances are, you have dyshidrosis. And what’s truly unfortunate is that the chances of a person having dyshidrosis is really slim.

Dyshidrosis is a skin condition that affects only 0.002 percent of the population. This means that in every 100,000 individuals, only 20 have dyshidrosis. Since it is a type of eczema, it tends to be chronic. If left untreated, a single outbreak could last for months. Even if your dyshidrosis lasts for only a few days, it may recur constantly throughout your lifetime.

Symptoms Of Dyshidrosis

Early during a dyshidrosis outbreak, small blisters will appear on either or both of your hands. These blisters have clear, odorless fluid in them but it isn’t pus. Sometimes, when there’s too many of these blisters, they join together and form larger blisters.

During the “blistering stage” of dyshidrosis, you should only see the blisters on your fingertips and palms. Some people also develop blisters in between their fingers. However, if the blisters are on areas of your hands not mentioned here, it’s least likely that you have dyshidrosis.

Eventually, the blistering stage of dyshidrosis will be over. The blisters will break, the fluid that they contain will leak, and they’ll dry up like a prune. When this stage of dyshidrosis is over, the affected areas will develop dry skin and peel. This is the “peeling stage” of dyshidrosis. By this time, you will have peeling hands.

The Peeling Stage Of Dyshidrosis And Its Consequences

The peeling stage of dyshidrosis is a critical time. Your hands will be more sensitive to skin irritation compared to when you only had blisters. You need to take good care of your hands at this point. You should also avoid anything that can irritate the skin on your hands. If you don’t take care of your skin and carelessly come in contact with skin irritants, the blisters will reappear on top of your peeling hands and you’ll go through another outbreak. Now this is something you wouldn’t want to happen.

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