Curing Eczema With Vitamin E – A Comparison Of Ecream Applications And Supplementation

Vitamin E can be used as a means of curing eczema in two ways – it can be taken as a supplement or you can directly apply it on your skin as an ecream. These two ways of curing eczema with vitamin E are on opposite ends of the spectrum from different angles. Each of them have advantages over the other as eczema cures.


Before comparing an ecream with a vitamin E supplement, I think that we should first discuss how vitamin E in general cures eczema. To start off, vitamin E is needed by the body:

  • to protect itself from free radicals and other damaging by-products of the body’s metabolism
  • and the regulation of vitamin A, a fellow fat-soluble vitamin.

According to the “Free Radical Theory Of Aging” postulated by Denham Harman in the 1950s, our bodies age because free radicals accumulate in our cells over time and result in oxidative damage. According to Harman, only antioxidants have the ability to protect our bodies from the damaging effects of free radicals. In return, protecting our bodies from such oxidative damage will also slow down the aging process. As I have mentioned, vitamin E helps protect our bodies from these free radicals and other damaging by-products of metabolism. Thus, it can also protect our skin’s cells from such damage and keep it from aging.

When our skin is in its best shape, it is more resistant to skin irritation – and skin irritation leads to the development of rashes in those eczema. By this, vitamin E prevents the recurrence of eczema. As for its use in curing eczema, what the vitamin does during an outbreak is that it protects your skin cells from any further damage which may result from skin inflammation. Therefore, it keeps your eczema from getting worse.

The regulation of vitamin A is also essential in vitamin E’s role as an eczema cure. Vitamin A plays the roles of normalizing the functioning of the immune system and improving skin health, and it too is an antioxidant like vitamin E.


Vitamin E can be acquired through diet. However, we have to eat the right foods and right amounts of them in order to get our daily requirements of vitamin E. Unfortunately, the acquisition of vitamin E through diet is difficult to attain – and that is where vitamin E supplements come in practically.

A vitamin E supplement is a capsule, usually in soft gel form, which contains vitamin E measured in “International Units” or IU. They typically contain 400 IU of vitamin E or less because anything in excess of 400 IU is bad for our health. Since many people don’t get enough vitamin E through their diets, they simply have to pop in a capsule of this supplement on a daily basis so they can get their daily requirements of the vitamin. Since vitamin E supplements are taken by mouth in the same way that we eat food, they have to go through the process of digestion before they can be utilized by the body.


An ecream is a topical cream that contains high concentrations of vitamin E. Unlike vitamin E supplements, an ecream no longer undergoes digestion since it is readily absorbed through the skin.


Vitamin E supplements have the leverage of delivering systemic results. Meaning, they cover the entire body. Since they undergo digestion, the vitamin E is therefore distributed equally and fairly to all parts of the body. As a result, vitamin E supplements promotes your overall health. Vitamin E supplements will do great for eczema rashes that are widespread.

Also, vitamin E supplements only have to be taken once daily making it a practical choice. Even if you plan to use it as an eczema cure, you simply have to take one capsule of it daily for months or years.


The best advantage of an ecream is that it delivers quick results. Since you can directly apply it on an eczema rash, you only have to wait for a few minutes for the vitamin to be absorbed by your skin. An ecream is also ideal for use with small eczema rashes appearing on one or several parts of the body. An overdose is also not possible with an ecream unlike with vitamin E supplements where there is a risk of vitamin E toxicity.

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